Frequently Asked Questions

All of the pierced silhouette imagery is hand cut with a jewelers saw.  I fabricate all hollow forms, clasps, and earwires and some of my larger chains.  Some pieces are cast from found objects or using lost wax casting techniques.  Some of the elements are finished with powder coating.

How is your jewelry made?

When will I get my jewelry?

My current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks including shipping for US orders. US orders ship USPS Priority Mail insured. International orders are subject to additional transit times and fees. Please contact me for rush orders.

What's your policy on refunds and exchanges?

If a piece of jewelry arrives to you damaged in some way- just ship it back and I will replace it with a new one upon arrival of the damaged one.

All items are final sale. I'm very sorry, due to handcrafted nature of my work I do not accept returns or exchanges.

Will my jewelry stay perfect forever?

My jewelry uses one or all of the following metals: sterling silver, fine silver, brass, bronze, copper.  These metals can and will oxidize over time depending on their contact with water, acids, even the air. Oils and lotions can also speed up oxidation.

Many of my customers enjoy the natural patination of the metal. If you're not among them, you can use nail polish remover to remove any lacquer from the metal, and the piece can then be polished to your liking.  For cleaning and polishing I use an old toothbrush and toothpaste for silver or ketchup for brass, bronze and copper.  Be sure to use extra caution around the openings on shadowboxes, findings, and other delicate parts including gemstones. You could also use traditional silver cleaner or brass cleaner. Relacquer the piece if you chose.  Remember to avoid getting wood, fiber, or leather components wet or coming into contact with cleaning products or lacquers.  Powder coated elements do not need  to be cleaned.  Please contact me for cleaning advice specific to your piece.  I offer cleaning services for $15 plus shipping.

How can I clean my jewelry?

I am very flexible with custom requests, including custom chain lengths, custom finishing including powder coating, different earwires, or silhouette imagery.  Please ask me as I'd be happy to talk about your request. Custom wedding bands and bridal jewelry require a minimum 2 month lead time.

Can I commission you for custom work?